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c/o Central Loan Administration & Reporting. P. O. Box Florence, SC CONTACT US *When You Contact Home Loan Servicing with a Written Inquiry - Within five (5) business days following the receipt of an inquiry, we will provide written acknowledgement that we have received the inquiry. We will provide you with; a case. Count on a Trusted Partner – Cenlar! Cenlar FSB, the nation’s leading loan servicing provider, has been actively engaged in mortgage loan servicing and subservicing as a core business for more than 40 years. Banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and other participants in the financial industry use our Loan Servicing Solution. May 12,  · Refinanced my loan in early and shortly after loan was sold to Cenlar but they allowed me to continue to make my payment to the previous mortgage company. In /5().

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit, central loan administration & reporting. Re-fi'd with Cenlar three years ago, central loan administration & reporting. The application process was online and easy, all my questions were answered promptly with a phone call to their rep.

I got a good rate central loan administration & reporting their billing and notifications are on time and comprehensive. I'm also in the Citibank to Cenlar transition. I will start by saying I just had a very professional and helpful call with a Cenlar rep-- she gets gold stars. However, my key complaints are:.

Are they reporting a draft taken by Citibank? Did they themselves take the bank draft using credentials transferred by Citi? I haven't really used the website yet except to try to get a phone number says unavailable and I couldn't even find the chat central loan administration & reporting referred to on another information page, central loan administration & reporting.

So the jury is out on how well that will function. Final resolution is that I don't have to do anything; that my auto bank drafts will continue uninterrupted. My actual wait time was not terribly long, either-- only about 10 minutes. She said that today was unusually quiet but that it's been non-stop for the reps there, central loan administration & reporting, with people often having waited a long time.

My mortgage was sent to Cenlar as well, central loan administration & reporting. I've had to deal with their customer service twice, so far no complaints. I also think the website has more options, especially when it comes to making additional payments. You can choose up to 9 additional payments. Today I made 3 additional payments. I don't like when banks restructure and send mortgages to 3rd party companies, central loan administration & reporting, but as long as there are no issues, shouldn't be any problems.

My husband and I bought our first home in Florida back in Our mortgage was sold to Cenlar a few months after closing, central loan administration & reporting. So far we have no complaints. The website is always available aside from routine maintenance and is easy enough to navigate. If it helps anyone I use the Google Chrome browser to log on. I know it's working because I just logged on this morning. They have features such as Budget Draft that are helping us pay off our home faster.

This is when they split the mortgage in half to be paid biweekly. You also can set it up for payments to only come out of your account when you get paid. It's a nice alternative to refinancing because you can automatically take whatever extra principal payments you want every 2 weeks.

Doing this has turned a 30 year mortgage down to a 10 year one and even if things get rough we central loan administration & reporting stop having them take out the extra principal payments with a simple phone call.

That being said I took off a star for a reason. As with any company, dealing with customer service can be a crap shoot. Some representatives are very helpful and give me what I need in a short amount of time.

The reps who helped me set up the budget draft were great and I haven't had a problem since. Some don't know what they are doing. I wound up just figuring it out myself. Sometimes the hold times are long too. As irritating as that can be the solution is simple. Hang up and call back when they are less busy if you do not have the time or patience to wait.

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows you can't always get to all the calls when so much is going on. It doesn't have to mean they don't care about your call. It could be as simple as not having enough ears and mouths on staff to take it right that second. Also if you get stuck with a goober on the phone don't be afraid to hang up and try to get a better rep.

One suggestion I have to Cenlar is to be very clear when offering disaster "help. They said they could pause our payments for 3 months while we figured out how we were going to tackle the repairs and tree removal. What they didn't tell us is that when those 3 months were up we were going to have to pay all three months mortgage in full.

So this was more of a "die another day" strategy than actual help. We were under the impression that once we resumed payments it would be one month at central loan administration & reporting time and it would take just a bit longer to pay off the loan. Luckily we had the money to cover it or we would have been screwed. All in all Cenlar hasn't given us any real problems. All our payments come out on time and are correct.

If you get central loan administration & reporting right agent on the phone they can solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Some agents just need more training. Any company can have issues like that. Just be patient and check your settings for login problems. If they are that terrible try refinancing with a new company.

As far as we care concerned we have no reason to waste money on jumping a ship that's not sinking. If you want to work with a Company with zero customer service or appreciation you found the right one. They fail at most other areas, but rank in the highest for no service.

It is and to this day you can't email them. They give you a Faxit very seldom works. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. My mortgage with Citi never had issue. Since move to Cenlar, no services at all. I called on the phone. Was wait for more than 50'. Nobody answer the phone. Finally the people who is answering the phone but still cannot fix issue. She promise callback which never did. I call again again again. I am looking for a new loan company now.

Was catching back up with Citi mortgage after a hardship. I was two payments from current and my loan was sold to Cenlar. Ever since it has been nothing but a headache. They would not take any partial payments so I agreed to a 5 month repayment plan this was the best the agent claims they could do.

Best option recommended was to submit a hardship package and see central loan administration & reporting the underwriters would approve and extended repayment plan, I was also told this would keep me out of foreclosure. Well, that was a lie. I am currently in foreclosure. It is as if they are trying to foreclose, I went from two payments behind to now 6 payments behind central loan administration & reporting because one of their agents screwed up.

But hey, they don't care, central loan administration & reporting. Not sure how to get away from them. Zero Stars!!! Terrible Company!! Will be talking to BBB soon about their incompetence!! Since setting up my Mortgage Account online four months ago, I have not been able to make an online payment period. I've contacted Customer Service multiple times and send multiple questions through their "Ask A Question" tab, to no avail.

They say it's my browser's problem. I've tried all browsers, and my phone, central loan administration & reporting, none can make an online payment.

So recently I called once more for answers, as they now charge a fee for telephone payments; and I gave them my account number, address, etc. I asked to speak with a supervisor, but because they couldn't verify I was an account holder even with the loan's account number they wouldn't forward me to a supervisor.

If they have a free phone pay plan, because you can't pay online, they shouldn't change it to a pay to pay your mortgage plan and make additional money off of their web page problem. It's their Problem, but it's my problem if the mortgage doesn't get paid.

I have not had one good experience since my loan was transferred to Cenlar! I was in a loan modification thru Citi when they sold it to Cenlar.



central loan administration & reporting


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